What is Kata's?

Kata's are the pre-choreographed forms that lend grace and beauty to the Martial Arts.  Kata's have you fighting imaginary opponents using all of the techniques have learned.  They progress from the deceptively simple appearance of the form TO-SAN, to the majestic and powerful CHUNG MU, eventually to the ability to choreograph your own routine.  This is where American Karate brings in the traditional part of the Martial Arts.

What is Sparring?

You wear protective gear in a controlled environment that is designed to allow you to block and counter in safety.  You practice all the elements of attack and defense you have learned by doing pre-arranged action sparring.  Your techniques progressively get more snap, focus, and power.  Later when your ability and confidence level warrants, you enter into the most exciting level of sparring, FREE FORM.