Chief Instructor Stephen Starnes

8th Degree Black Belt 

(American Karate/ Tae Kwon Do)

1st Degree Black Belt (Kobudo weapons)

Stephen began training in the Martial Arts at age 7 in Shin-Toshi Karate in 1985 and received his gold belt. In 1987 at age 9 he started training in American Karate with Mr. Darrel Sanders at North Texas Karate in Bridgeport , Texas. Stephen recieved his 1st degree black belt at age 12.   Stephen taught karate throughout his teenage years for Mr. Sanders.  Presently, Stephen is continuing to train under Mr. Billy Smith 10th degree black belt in South Ft.Worth.

7th Degree Black Belt Promotion Jan. 26th 2013

6th Degree Black Belt Promotion March 23rd 2009 

Mr. Darrell Sanders is Mr. Stephen Starnes Instructor


Grandmaster 10th Dan Black Belt  J. Pat Burleson ( )

Grandmaster 10th Dan Black Belt  Billy Brammer,  

Grandmaster 10th Dan  Black Belt Billy Smith, ( Billy Smith American Karate )

Grandmaster 10th Dan Black Belt  Keith D. Yates ( )  ( )

 Grandmaster 10th Dan Black Belt Steve Parks,

10th Grand Master Jon Anderson,

Alisha Meves Starnes- 4th Degree Black Belt