North Texas Karate Academy

Rules and Class Conduct

At A Glance

1. No shoes on the workout area

2. Address all Black Belts as Mr. Or Ms.

3. No sparring without Brown, Red or Black Belt


4. When entering building NO running or playing.

5. When entering building all students need to begin stretching before class begins.

No touching weight equipment

6. Wear a clean uniform

7. Cup and supporter are required for male students to spar.

8. No food or drinks on the workout area.

9. Do not enter late without saluting instructor.

10. Do not leave paper or trash.

11. Upper belts help lower ranks whenever possible.

12. Rings and jewelry are not permitted during workout.

13. No profanity.

14. Do not leave early without advanced notice.

15. Show respect to higher ranks.

16. No smoking in the building.

17. Fingernails and toenails must be trimmed for class participation.